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Nonprofit & NGOs

Welcome to the Nonprofit & NGOs Career Community! Find resources and opportunities to launch your career in Nonprofit & NGOs and learn about the many different areas students can pursue in the field. Browse this Community for career advice blogs, available career opportunities, and explore the resources to help you build your career and beyond.

(Re)Introducing Idealist Salaries | Your Go-To Nonprofit Compensation Tool

Equity, negotiation, counter-offers, wage gaps, cost-of-living … the list goes on! Considering the breadth of topics and frequently asked questions that fall within the “salaries” category, it seems like it’s always a good time to discuss compensation. 

And here at Idealist, …

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Nonprofit Salaries | How to Deal When Your Heart and Budget Collide

Those of us who are drawn to social-impact careers care deeply about the causes our work supports. At the same time, like everyone else, we have bills to pay.

So what do we do when there’s a gap between what …

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Nonprofit Speak 101 | Learn the Lingo

If you’ve worked in social impact for a while, you’re probably familiar with the terminology used by nonprofit professionals to describe the ins and outs of operating in a mission-driven environment. But if you’re new to the sector, or making …

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Featured Resources

Labor Market InsightsIn partnership withLightcast logo

Explore occupations by career categories and pathways and use real time labor market data to power your decision making.

First, choose an industry of interest, then filter for occupation. (If you'd like to see data for a specific location only, filter by state.)

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Firsthand Industry Guides

Vault Guide to Nonprofit Jobs, Third Edition

The Vault Guides to Jobs series provides essential information about key careers and industries, with an emphasis on preparing for …

Vault Guide to Nonprofit Jobs

The Vault Guides to Jobs series provides essential information about key careers and industries, with an emphasis on preparing for …

Featured Courses

ECON 127 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

In this course, no prior accounting knowledge is required or assumed. Students learn how accountants define assets, liabilities, revenues, and…

HIST 364 – Thinking with Objects: Processing a Museum Collection from Southern Africa

In Thinking with Objects, students will gain hands-on experience processing a collection of Namibian artifacts in Wesleyan’s care. The course…

HIST 374 – Food Security: History of an Idea

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has held that “food security exists when all people, at all…

QAC 216 – Introduction to Survey Design & Analysis

Survey data provide valuable information for the study of public opinion and behavior, and they are commonly used in several…

ECON 231 – Corporate Finance Principles

The course aims to develop an understanding of the application of the principles of economics to the study of the…

ECON 215 – Labor Economics

This course will introduce topics, theories, institutions, and policy issues relating to the functioning of labor markets. The topics we…

CSPL 493: Internship

This course may be repeated for credit. Wesleyan has established a credit/uncredit internship course, CSPL 493, for students to receive…

CSPL 150 – Demystifying Finance

Finance is a widely spoken language, be it in newspapers, nonprofit boardrooms, investment banking, or personal finance. It sounds complicated,…

CSPL 120 – Civic Engagement Practice

Wesleyan has a long tradition of civic engagement. CSPL 120 plays a critical role in helping continue this tradition. This…

ARHA 263C – Curatorial Workshop: The Northern Renaissance Print

The flourishing of the print medium in Northern Europe during the later fifteenth and sixteenth centuries is one of the…

CSPL 246 – Organizations in Society: Capitalism & Its Criticisms

In this course we will explore the concept of capitalism and how it carries variegated meanings, which spans a wide…

CSPL 405 – Ideals into Practice

This course may be repeated for credit. Through this course, students can earn one quarter credit per semester for participating…

HIST 270 – On Evidence: Archives, Museums, and Prisons

This course introduces an interdisciplinary study of the idea of evidence in connection to the modern development of archives, museums,…

CGST 205 – Introduction to Social Engagement

This team-taught seminar introduces students to the ideas and practices central to strengthening one’s intercultural competence, in part through a…

CSPL 338 – Writing for Advocacy

This course will enable students to research effectively, marshal arguments and information, and write persuasively. Students will work closely with…

ARCP 267 – Museum Collections: Ethical Considerations and Practical Applications

Serving as a broad overview of museology, this course introduces students to the principles underlying the foundations of museum work…

CSPL 235 / FGSS 236 / AFAM 235 / IDEA 235 – Activism and Theories of Change

In this course we will explore strategies and theories of change that shape social justice movements, with particular reference to…

QAC 378 – DeltaLab: Computational Media Analysis

The content of this course focuses on Wesleyan Media Project media data, including advertising and local television news, and exposes…

Mentor Connections

  • College of Social Studies, French Studies
  • Assistant Director of Communications Campaigns and Strategy ACLU of NY
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  • Government, Psychology
  • Law Student Washington & Lee University School of Law
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  • Music
  • Director of Business Development and Workforce Partnerships Henry Street Settlement
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