On-Campus Employers

e Gordon Career Center collaborates with Wesleyan faculty and staff to recruit and hire talented students for campus jobs year-round. Connect with the GCC’s Campus Employment team to navigate hiring, onboarding, and supervising student employees.

Faculty and staff members who hire and supervise student employees must follow the institutional, state, and federal policies outlined here. Compliance is crucial to ensuring that the University adheres to Federal and State labor laws and regulations to continue receiving Federal Work-Study funding.

Student Employee Hiring

To foster equitable employment and ensure legal compliance, all new and vacant hourly campus jobs must be posted on Handshake for all students to view and apply. Promote your posting to talented students eager for valuable work experiences and earning opportunities. List desired skills and qualifications and grow interest across the student body. 

Job postings must adhere to the required template. All postings undergo review and approval from the GCC’s Campus Employment team before being made public and open to applicants. The turnaround time for job posting approvals is generally 2-3 business days, though up to 3-5 business days during busy periods (August – September, January – February).

Log in to your Handshake On-Campus Employer account to create or duplicate your job posting. Use the required job posting template to expedite approval. Or, complete this job posting form with the required information, and we will create the posting on your behalf.

Jobs for rehired student employees do not need to be published—see the section “Re-Hire Student Employees” for more information.

When considering students for a campus job, you may request a resume, cover letter, statement of interest, writing sample, portfolio, letter of recommendation, course schedule, academic transcript, or any other relevant materials to assess their skills and experiences. Campus employers are expected to thoughtfully review applicants from qualified students who express interest in the job before making hiring decisions. 

Faculty and staff must follow fair and equitable hiring practices per University policy and federal and state labor laws. Exclusive hiring through personal, professional, or academic networks, or ‘closed networks,’ is strictly prohibited to ensure equal employment opportunities for all students. 

This policy, aimed at preventing “closed network hiring,” applies to all hourly campus positions, including academic and research-based roles. Faculty and staff are kindly reminded not to choose interview candidates based on existing relationships and may not directly appoint a student to a campus job without conducting a new hiring process. Instead, the job description should clearly outline the criteria for evaluating applicants to ensure fairness and consistency. 

Communicate with candidates regularly and update application statuses on Handshake to inform students where they are in the hiring process. Within ~2 weeks of the application deadline, notify all applicants through Handshake messaging or external email whether they are hired or declined. Timely, courteous, and transparent communication models professionalism and respect. 

After a student accepts a campus job offer and before work begins, hire the student in Workday to set the position funding source, add an additional Workforce Time timekeeper, and prompt employee onboarding.  Training resources and sessions for Workday are available and updated on the Workday Sharepoint.

Per federal regulations, first-time student employees must complete their W-4 and I-9 forms online in Workday and verify their original, hard copy IDs in person with Human Resources within 3 business days from their start date.

Once hired in Workday, students can log in to the platform via WesPortal to complete their forms online. They must also schedule a time to present the original, hard copies of their identification documents in person to Human Resources via this Bookings page.

Students are encouraged to complete their I-9 as soon as they are hired in Workday and must complete their online forms and ID verification within 3 business days of their position start date.

See this list for acceptable identification documents.

Review time entries and approve student employee timesheets weekly by 12pm on Tuesdays.

For help amending timesheets, retroactive pay, and any other Workforce Time inquiries, please contact payrollhelp@wesleyan.edu.

Returning student employees are welcome to continue their campus job(s) from semester to semester and year to year. To ensure that both the student and the University maintain an up-to-date job description on record, all positions for returning students must be submitted to Handshake at least once per academic year. If these job postings are not seeking new applicants, they will not be made public for students to apply. However, if the position is open to both new applicants and returning employees, the posting must be made public and returning employees can be re-hired through the same posting.

To  re-hire returning employees, follow these steps:

Need support?

Campus Employment (campusemployment@wesleyan.edu)

  • Handshake – Job Postings and Applications
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Navigating the Workplace

Payroll Office (payrollhelp@wesleyan.edu)

  • Workforce Time: time recording, attendance, timesheets

Human Resources (ctubby@wesleyan.edu)

Financial Aid Office (finaid@wesleyan.edu)

  • Work-Study program, both federal and institutional work-study


About the Campus Employment Team

We support student employees by ensuring equitable hiring practices and providing guidance to undergraduate students as they search for and work in campus jobs. We work closely with faculty and staff to facilitate student hiring and support their supervision of student employees. We educate the Wesleyan community about polices related to student employment at the institutional, state, and federal levels. We do not supervise campus employers and make no representations or guarantees about positions posted on Handshake. We encourage student employees and campus employers alike to research the integrity of each position’s employment practices and reach out to us for support, campusemployment@wesleyan.edu.

Allison Soden, Associate Director (right)
Cruz Cruz ’21, Assistant Director (left)

Equal Employment Opportunity

Wesleyan University is fully committed to a policy of equal opportunity throughout the University, and to this end abides by all applicable federal, state, and local laws pertaining to non-discrimination and fair employment practices. Accordingly, the University recruits, hires, trains, promotes and educates individuals without discrimination on the basis of one’s race, color, religious creed, age, gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic or national origin, marital status, ancestry, present or past history of mental disorder, learning disability or physical disability, political belief, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information or criminal record.  Wesleyan University does not discriminate in personnel action such as compensation.

Campus Employer Toolkit

Campus Employment FAQs

Student Employee Spotlight

Paul Quach ‘26 (he/him)

Student Employee Spotlight
  • Psychology, Double Minor in Data Analysis and Human Rights Advocacy
  • Residential Advisor for West College 4 (Foss 4)
Meet Paul >

Shaniya Longino ‘24 (she/her)

Student Employee Spotlight
  • College of East Asian Studies, Education Studies
  • Writing Workshop Mentor/Tutor; Assessment Lab Research Assistant
Meet Shaniya >

Ola Szopa ‘24 (she/her)

Student Employee Spotlight
  • Economics, Psychology, Global Engagement minor
  • Purchasing Intern (Finance Office)
Meet Ola >

Kristina Tran ’24 (she/her)

Student Employee Spotlight
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MB&B)
  • McNair Fellow, Campus Employment Project Assistant, Research Assistant (MB&B and Psychology), Traverse Square Tutor, & WesMaSS Social Committee Coordinator
Meet Kristina >

Tamiraa Sanjaajav ’27 (she/her)

Student Employee Spotlight
  • Computer Science, Global Engagement Minor
  • Project Manager Coordinator (University Communications); Sustainability Strategic Plan (SSP) Ambassador (Sustainability Office)
Meet Tamiraa >

Daniel Goldberg ‘24 (he/him)

Student Employee Spotlight
  • Psychology, Economics
  • Tour Guide Coordinator & Tour Guide (Office of Admission); Coordinator for The Foster Connection (Jewett Center for Community Partnerships)
Meet Daniel >

Charlotte George ‘24 (she/they)

Student Employee Spotlight
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Behavior
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department; MB&B Course Assistant; Tour Guide (Office of Admission)
Meet Charlotte >

Katherine Fhu ‘25 (she/her)

Student Employee Spotlight
  • Molecular Biology & Biochemistry major, Informatics & Modeling minor, Chemistry minor
  • Course Assistant (Biology); Dean's Peer Tutor (Chemistry); Research Assistant (Biology)
Meet Katherine >

Miles Allen ’24 (he/him)

Student Employee Spotlight
  • English
  • JCCP Coordinator – Musical Mentoring (Oddfellows Playhouse); Student Ambassador (Office of Financial Aid); Center for the Arts (CFA) Intern – Summer Leadership Institute/50th Anniversary Festival; CFA 4th Grade Tour Assistant
Meet Miles >

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