Major: Undeclared


What was the name of the organization you worked for over the summer?
Hispanic Scholarship Fund

What did you work on?
This summer, I had the privilege of working as a mentor for the Youth Leadership Consortium’s Youth Leadership Summit. This included working over the course of the summer with my mentees to prepare them for the college application process, including common application, and supplemental essays.

What was a highlight of your experience?
Working as a mentor, a highlight of my experience was having the opportunity to mentor five high-achieving low income high school seniors. Changing their perspective of feeling college is unattainable to now wanting to apply to top universities was something I am incredibly proud I had the opportunity to do.

How did your summer experience impact you?
Working as a mentor solidified my passion to pay forward the kindness I received in my life, and inspires me to continue to give back to students who grew up in similar upbringings and backgrounds as me. It was such an amazing experience to work as a mentor and point person this summer for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and I am so thankful I get to continue my endeavors through the school year.  I can’t wait to continue to work to uplift and support underprivileged students during my time as Wesleyan, and hopefully continue to help those who need it most working in Healthcare Advocacy in my future.