Major(s): Government

What is your current role? What was your journey in arriving there?
With the attorneys in my office, and often with a broader coalition of other states and federal partners, I work to enforce state and federal antitrust laws by investigating and litigating alleged violations.

What do you enjoy about your work? What challenges does your industry currently face?
I enjoy protecting consumers and promoting economic competition, innovation, and freedom by holding businesses accountable for anticompetitive behaviors, including collusion and illegally monopolistic practices. A challenge is that large corporations are behemoths in our society, and they have nearly endless resources at their disposal. Even when state and federal enforcers band together, this is a bit of an uphill battle.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about entering your industry?
Prior to law school, while you’re earning your J.D., and as you’re getting started as an attorney, try to gain exposure to a wide range of practice areas and formats — legal services, law firm, government work, nonprofit, etc. A well-rounded understanding of the law will make you a great lawyer, and you will be able to make a better informed decision about where you ultimately want to end up.

How did your time at Wesleyan influence your career choice/journey?
Wesleyan taught me to fight for what I believe in, do what I can to make the world a better place, and think outside of the box. In the law and in the rest of my life, these continue to be helpful lessons—sometimes a little creativity is just what it takes to make a difference!


Updated as of February 27, 2024

Work Experience
  • Assistant Attorney General
  • Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
Exploring, Government & Policy, Law, LGBTQIA+
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