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THEA 259 – Facing the Blank Page

A 13-week course for the beginning playwright. Students will read 12 plays and write essays on each one, in which they will explore the creation of the play. The why of it. Who is the main character, what do they want, what’s stopping them from getting it, and finally, what is the point of no return? Students will look at the time and society in which the play is placed. What obstacles were part of their world; what did they have to overcome, and what did they have to accept? Every play will also serve as a prompt for a writing exercise that students will be responsible for. Students will take a character or situation from the play and make it their own. Also, as a group, the class will write an original play. Each student will be assigned a scene, and week by week the play will come together. This collective creation will be inspired by a song; everyone will have the same song, and each student will continue the play based on the scene that preceded it. Each student will be a part of building the structure of the play and will be able to put their own stamp on it.

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