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CSPL 239 – Startup Incubator: The Art and Science of Launching Your Idea

The Startup Incubator is a one-semester, experiential learning program designed to teach and enable student entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business…

CSPL 252 – Leadership & Social Innovation: Patricelli Center Impact Fellowship

In this cohort-style class, student Fellows will be introduced to a select, intergenerational group of global leaders working at various…

HIST 227 – Finance, the Stock Market, and the History of Economic Thought

This class has two main purposes: first, to introduce students to the subject of finance–especially the stock market–and, second, to…

CSPL 150 – Demystifying Finance

Finance is a widely spoken language, be it in newspapers, nonprofit boardrooms, investment banking, or personal finance. It sounds complicated,…

CSPL 493: Internship

This course may be repeated for credit. Wesleyan has established a credit/uncredit internship course, CSPL 493, for students to receive…

ECON 215 – Labor Economics

This course will introduce topics, theories, institutions, and policy issues relating to the functioning of labor markets. The topics we…

HIST 143F – Jesus Chicken: Business and Religion in America (FYS)

Summary: Although many Americans are aware of the religious identity of the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A (earning it the moniker of…

Econ 101 Introduction to Economics

A general introduction to the principles of economic analysis and their implications for public policy, covering concepts and issues in…

Econ 102 Mathematical Tools for Econ Analysis

This course will cover the basic mathematical tools students will need to understand and apply in ECON 110, the gateway…

Econ 103 Introduction to Probability & Statistics for Economic Analysis

This course studies the mathematical concepts of probability and statistics as needed for ECON 300 and upper-level economics electives. Topics…

110 Intro to Economic Theory

An introduction to the principles of micro- and macroeconomic theory, this course is intended for prospective majors and students wishing…

Econ 206 Race & Education Policy

This course will provide a broad introduction to contemporary education policy centered on issues of race/ethnicity. This course introduces the…

Econ 302 -Macroeconomic Analysis

This course focuses on the study of economic aggregates such as employment and inflation and on the public policies (monetary…

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