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Advocacy & Social Justice

Welcome to the Advocacy & Social Justice Career Community! Find resources and opportunities to launch your career in Advocacy & Social Justice and learn about the many different areas students can pursue in the field. Browse this Community for career advice blogs, available career opportunities, and explore the resources to help you build your career and beyond.

Critical steps for students seeking legal careers in social justice

It’s no secret that the law impacts every facet of our lives, whether it be education, housing, or the economy, from the municipal to the state to the federal level. We have been taught that everyone is equal before the …

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Transferable Skills for Your Social-Impact Job Search

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Has the pandemic motivated you to leave your corporate job in search of a role in the social-impact space? The good news is, you don’t have to reinvent your career to switch sectors. Many of the communications …

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Featured Courses

CSPL 128 – Introduction to Human Rights Standards

The course provides an introduction to the philosophical, legal and practice bases of human rights. Sessions will consider the norms,…

CSPL 248 – Organizations in Society: Business Ethics

Capitalism and competitive markets are often considered the most efficient system of simultaneously maximizing private wealth and public good. In…

ENVS 323 – It’s All Happening in the Cafeteria –The (In)Justice of School Food

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally-assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools across the…

CGST 205 – Introduction to Social Engagement

This team-taught seminar introduces students to the ideas and practices central to strengthening one’s intercultural competence, in part through a…

CSPL 252 – Leadership & Social Innovation: Patricelli Center Impact Fellowship

In this cohort-style class, student Fellows will be introduced to a select, intergenerational group of global leaders working at various…

CSPL 338 – Writing for Advocacy

This course will enable students to research effectively, marshal arguments and information, and write persuasively. Students will work closely with…

GOVT 379 – Access to Civil Justice

In this course, students will explore contemporary issues related to the public’s ability to access civil legal advice, legal representation,…

ARCP 267 – Museum Collections: Ethical Considerations and Practical Applications

Serving as a broad overview of museology, this course introduces students to the principles underlying the foundations of museum work…

ANTH 310 – Un/Settled: The Anthropology of Displacement, Migration, Borders, and Refuge

How does one account for the ever-present and growing phenomenon of displaced people on the move in a world of…

GOVT 382 – Erosion of Democracy

This seminar will explore the characteristics, causes, and consequences of “democratic backsliding” — deterioration in the quality of democracy that…

GOVT 250 – Civil Rights and Liberties

This course introduces students to the development of civil liberties and civil rights law in the United States. We will…

GOVT 396 – Human Rights Advocacy: Critical Assessment and Practical Engagement in Global Social Justice

The core animating principles and practices of human rights are under threat. Will the global human rights movement be able…

CSPL 235 / FGSS 236 / AFAM 235 / IDEA 235 – Activism and Theories of Change

In this course we will explore strategies and theories of change that shape social justice movements, with particular reference to…

CSPL 224 – Public Health, Migration, and Human Rights

How do human rights principles apply to the public health challenges faced by migrant populations? What is the situation of…

FGSS 379 – Gendered Belonging and the Politics of Inclusion

If inclusion and belonging are tied to recognition, how do marginalized subjects establish their legibility and “right to appear”? This…

HIST 340 – Policing and Power

This course examines the history of policing in the United States by considering the contexts and conflicts that birthed and…

QAC 378 – DeltaLab: Computational Media Analysis

The content of this course focuses on Wesleyan Media Project media data, including advertising and local television news, and exposes…

CSPL 314 / SISP 315 / SOC 315 – The Health of Communities

Our focus will be on understanding the role of social factors (e.g., income, work environment, social cohesion, food, transportation systems)…

ENVS 284 – Animal Law & Policy

This course will provide an overview of law and public policy as they apply to non-human animals. The course will…

SOC 244 / FGSS 244 – Feminist and Queer Theories of Social Reproduction

This course will introduce students to the study of social reproduction and power with an emphasis on feminist, queer, and…

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  • College of Social Studies, French Studies
  • Assistant Director of Communications Campaigns and Strategy ACLU of NY
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  • English
  • Coordinator, National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel Public Justice Center
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  • Art History, Italian Studies
  • Coordinator of College and Pre-Professional Programs and Museum Educator Philadelphia Museum of Art
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  • Government, Psychology
  • Law Student Washington & Lee University School of Law
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