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Top 15 Consulting Firms of 2022

Consulting is often a fast-paced career that exposes you to many industries, companies, and people. From large to small, plenty of firms in the U.S. can help you launch your career as a consultant.

But what are the top consulting …

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50 Best Consulting Firms to Work For in 2022

Today, we're excited to release our annual ranking of the Best Consulting Firms to Work For in North America. Our Consulting Rankings highlight the best firms in dozens of categories and include the overall Top 50, the Most Prestigious Consulting Firms, …

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Top Vault Consulting Firms Discuss Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are not simply talking points at all-company meetings; they are requirements for the modern workplace. A company can’t reach its potential unless a wide array of perspectives are heard and employees with those differing perspectives are made …

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Vault Industry Guides

Vault Guide to Customer Service Jobs

The Vault Guides to Jobs series provides essential information about key careers and industries, with an emphasis on preparing for …

Vault Job Search Guide for MBAs and B-School Grads

The Vault Job Search Guide for MBAs and B-School Grads contains essential job search advice and strategies for MBAs and …

Vault Guide to Information Technology Consulting Jobs, Second Edition

The Vault Guides to Jobs series provides essential information about key careers and industries, with an emphasis on preparing for …

Vault Guide to Health Care and Pharmaceuticals Consulting Jobs

The Vault Guides to Jobs books are a valuable career exploration tool for libraries and career centers. Written in an …

Vault Guide to the Top 25 Consulting Firms, 2021 EMEA Edition

For the 2021 Edition of the Vault Guide to the Top 25 Consulting Firms in the EMEA region, Vault’s editors …

Vault Guide to the Top 15 Consulting Firms, 2021 APAC Edition

Vault’s editors have composed this essential resource of leading consultancies, tailored specifically for the Asia-Pacific market, and covering both international …

Featured Courses

ECON 127 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

In this course, no prior accounting knowledge is required or assumed. Students learn how accountants define assets, liabilities, revenues, and…

CSPL 239 – Startup Incubator: The Art and Science of Launching Your Idea

The Startup Incubator is a one-semester, experiential learning program designed to teach and enable student entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business…

Econ 366 – The Economics of Developing Countries

This course presents an examination of the characteristics of developing economies and an evaluation of various policies to foster development.…

Career Decisions: From Insight to Impact

Taught by Sharon Belden Castonguay
Career Decisions, a new online course on Coursera, aims to help learners understand their motivations, strengths, and goals, and appreciate…

Econ 300 – Introductory Econometrics

This course is an introduction to econometric techniques widely used by economists. The weekly lab sections are required; labs explore…

Econ 270 – International Economics

This class examines the economic interactions between countries in the world economy and recent international economic events. The first part…

Econ 237 – Financial Crises: Beginning to End

This course provides an introduction to the economics of financial crises. Using introductory economics we will examine banking, security, and…

Econ 225 – Economic Analysis & the LawThis course uses economic analysis as a way of understanding the structure and evolution of the legal system from an economic perspective. Selected rules and institutional forms are drawn from the common law of tort, contract, property, and crimes. Students will be able to apply microeconomic theories (and thus develop economic intuition) by learning how legal rules evolve to handle imperfect information and especially moral hazard, which lead to disputes and lawsuits.

Econ 214 Introduction to Economic Networks

This course will serve as an introduction to networks and discrete structures as they’re used in economics, sociology, and computer…

Econ 210 – Climate Change Economics and Policy

This course introduces students to the role of applied economics in climate change policy and analysis. Students will learn how…

Econ 206 Race & Education Policy

This course will provide a broad introduction to contemporary education policy centered on issues of race/ethnicity. This course introduces the…

110 Intro to Economic Theory

An introduction to the principles of micro- and macroeconomic theory, this course is intended for prospective majors and students wishing…

Econ 103 Introduction to Probability & Statistics for Economic Analysis

This course studies the mathematical concepts of probability and statistics as needed for ECON 300 and upper-level economics electives. Topics…

Econ 102 Mathematical Tools for Econ Analysis

This course will cover the basic mathematical tools students will need to understand and apply in ECON 110, the gateway…

Econ 101 Introduction to Economics

A general introduction to the principles of economic analysis and their implications for public policy, covering concepts and issues in…

HIST 143F – Jesus Chicken: Business and Religion in America (FYS)

Summary: Although many Americans are aware of the religious identity of the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A (earning it the moniker of…

ECON 215 – Labor Economics

This course will introduce topics, theories, institutions, and policy issues relating to the functioning of labor markets. The topics we…

CSPL 493: Internship

This course may be repeated for credit. Wesleyan has established a credit/uncredit internship course, CSPL 493, for students to receive…

QAC 201 – Applied Data Analysis

In this project-based course, you will have the opportunity to answer questions that you feel passionately about through independent research…

ECON 385 – Econometrics

Econometrics is the study of statistical techniques for analyzing economic data. This course reviews multiple regression and develops several more…

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