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Wesleyan Summer Grants: Funding for Entrepreneurship, Social Impact, and Activism Opportunities

Wesleyan Summer Grants are awarded through the Gordon Career Center to support students who are pursuing no- or low-pay career-related experiences over the summer. Applications open annually at the start of the spring semester and funds are awarded up to …

By Sarah McNamara
Sarah McNamara Associate Director for Employer Relations
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GOVT 396 – Human Rights Advocacy: Critical Assessment and Practical Engagement in Global Social Justice

The core animating principles and practices of human rights are under threat. Will the global human rights movement be able…

GOVT 379 – Access to Civil Justice

In this course, students will explore contemporary issues related to the public’s ability to access civil legal advice, legal representation,…

AFAM 350 – The Law, the Citizen, and the Literary and Cinematic Imaginations

In this course, we will study several major legal events that highlight the contradictions and injustices in the history of…

GOVT 159 – Moral Basis of Politics

An introduction to upper-level courses in political theory, this course offers an introductory survey of political theory from ancient Athens…

GOVT 382 – Erosion of Democracy

This seminar will explore the characteristics, causes, and consequences of “democratic backsliding” — deterioration in the quality of democracy that…

CCIV 221 – Law, Politics & Order in the Ancient World

Legal texts–law codes, decrees, and edicts, juristic discussions, law court cases–help us understand the history of legal thinking and strategy,…

ENVS 284 – Animal Law & Policy

This course will provide an overview of law and public policy as they apply to non-human animals. The course will…

ENVS 285 – Environmental Law & Policy

If you listen to, watch, or read environmental news and would like some history or perspective…If you would like some…

ENVS 276 – The Law and Policy of Water, Wind, and Wildlife: Protecting Natural Resources and the Environment

HOW do we protect our environmental and natural resources and WHY have we chosen this path? WHEN/HOW do the public,…

ENVS 277 – The Law and Policy of Chemicals, Contamination, Cleanup and Calamities

HOW do we protect our environment and ourselves from wastes and chemicals? WHY have we chosen this path? WHEN/HOW do…

ENVS 350 – Environmental Justice & Sustainability

The US Environmental Protection Agency defines environmental justice as “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of…

CSPL 290 / 291 – Community Impact Residency I & II

In this project-based, cohort-style class, students will learn strategies for understanding social and environmental problems, and they will design interventions…

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