Major(s): Economics, Psychology

What was the name of the organization you worked for over the summer?
Samsung Electronics America

What did you work on?
I worked on the product management team for Samsung Electronics America, specifically on their foldable phones. I worked with a really great and tight-knit team that helped me thrive in a fast-moving environment. I was able to learn a tremendous amount about not only general product management, but also the tech industry. It was really fun and exciting to be able to work on such cutting-edge projects and explore Texas. I had one-on-one meetings with people on teams that we worked cross-functionally with and became an expert and go-to contact for certain topics within the company. It was a really great experience to be able to have an internship with such a large impact.

What was a highlight of your experience?
At the end of my internship, I was able to present my findings to the company’s executive vise president. It was a unique opportunity for an intern to present to someone at such a high level. After my presentation, he gave me constructive feedback and asked me questions about my work. I was happy with his reaction to the work I had done. My presentation helped me learn about boiling down months of work into most-essential points for someone at a very high level. I felt like a valued part of the company and like I was truly making a difference with my work. 

How did your summer experience impact you?
My summer experience allowed for a great amount of both professional and personal growth. Working in Texas after having grown up in the Northeast, I was able to explore a new part of the country. I bonded with coworkers and fellow interns from all around the world and worked at a company with significant international impact. Since childhood, I’ve had a strong passion for tech and have dreamed of being able to work in it. At Wesleyan, I study economics and psychology, both of which interest me deeply. This internship provided the perfect opportunity to combine elements of the two disciplines: the business aspects of smartphones and the psychology of customer behavior. The internship showed me that it is possible to transfer my passions into a professional setting and furthermore, allow me to thrive in it.