Major(s): American Studies

What was the name of the organization you worked for over the summer?
Office of U.S. Congressman Jerry Nadler

What did you work on?
I interned in Congressman Jerry Nadler’s (NY-12) district office assisting with constituent work. This included independently managing over 100 constituent cases, resolving issues related to federal agencies including the Department of State and the U.S. Postal Service. I also compiled a comprehensive Public and Party Officials (PPO) Staff List for 30+ offices across NY state at every level of government. Lastly, I answered constituent calls daily, facilitating the casework request process along with connecting and redirecting callers to their local representatives and appropriate resources

What was a highlight of your experience?
One of the highlights of my experience was interfacing with the various other federal agencies. It was incredibly helpful to learn from other government officials who deal with federal-level issues aside from local and country-wide politics. It was amazing to see how advocating on behalf of constituents can speed up usual bureaucratic and other governmental hurdles. It was incredibly moving to see how appreciative constituents were of this work.

How did your summer experience impact you?
My summer experience exposed me to the world of both local and national politics. In some ways, I was able to combine the experience of a caseworker and a politician all into one role. I was able to learn administrative tasks and the ins and outs of government-level work, while also having a good amount of freedom and independence. I am now more than ever eager to continue working in politics and helping people.