Major(s): African American Studies, Government

What is your current role? What was your journey in arriving there?
I always say that audacious goals require a tribe, and for 5+ years, I’ve built impactful community systems that center growth, culture, and data.

I recently joined SignalFire as the Head of Ecosystem, where I’m responsible for cultivating vital relationships with key customers, corporates, and strategic partners to drive portfolio growth. More news on this to come very soon!

Before joining SignalFire, I was the VP of Community & Growth at CapitalG. In that role, I envisioned and executed the firm’s community strategy, which included launching various programs to foster portfolio growth. These initiatives included roundtable discussions with industry experts, developing DEI strategies for portfolio companies, and establishing customer advisory boards to drive top-line growth. Joining SignalFire is an incredible opportunity to leverage my network and experience across growth-stage, pre-IPO, and public companies to support early-stage ventures.

My career journey has been non-linear (which I love!), and I’ve gained valuable experience along the way. One of the most career defining moments was my time as a people analyst in Google’s HR Department. During that period, I led the analysis for Google’s 2019 Diversity Annual Report, an essential project that reinforced my commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within organizations. Interestingly enough, I led this analysis as a Level II HR Associate in the organization, though a Level V People Analyst initially led this work. So, you’ll hear me talk a lot about leading without authority and best practices for networking and influencing since these skills helped me land that project and ultimately leave Alphabet after 5.5 years as a Vice President in their late-stage venture arm!

What do you enjoy about your work? What do you struggle with?
I am a People Analyst, Community Innovator, and Culturally Conscious Leader with a mission to help organizations – from established industry giants to pioneering startups – authentically harness Community and culture as catalysts for business growth.

My first venture in Community began at Google, where I led a team of analysts in reshaping Google’s Diversity Annual Report and solidifying the company’s approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion technical reporting. From there, I would go on to build the Community and Business Development Functions at Alphabet’s late-stage venture capital firm, CapitalG. Here, I introduced programs such as a flagship speaker series for industry experts and CxOs, DEI strategies for portfolio companies, and customer advisory boards designed to drive top-line growth.

Today, as SignalFire’s first Head of Ecosystem, my primary focus is cultivating crucial relationships with founders, Limited Partners, advisors, strategic partners, and customers to drive portfolio growth. I also lead SignalFire’s Mentor and Specialist program and have already scaled initiatives to bolster product-market fit, increase revenue, and nurture potential investments.

My advisory role extends to corporate partners, including McDonald’s, Black Ambition, and Wieden+Kennedy, looking to invest in community-led growth strategies and cultural programming initiatives.

How did your time at Wesleyan influence your career choice/journey?
Wesleyan was the best, more obvious choice for my undergrad career. Being able to design my own major, serve as a student leader in the WSA, work in the career center as a PCA, and build a business with the help and mentorship of the Patricelli Center were just a few highlights. On the academic side, I appreciated the class sizes and took advantage of unique, interdisciplinary course options, which sharpened my thinking as strategic accumen as a business leader.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about entering your industry?
Spend the time figuring out your strengths and motivators. I think college is the perfect time for self-exploration, and I would do as much of that as you can! As for entering my industry, VC, I would say that you need to value relationships and know how to build and nurture relationships. I would advise truly learning your unique skills and how you can add value to others to do this effectively.



Updated February 27, 2024

Work Experience
  • Head of Ecosystem
  • SignalFire
BIPOC, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups, Exploring, Financial Services
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