Handshake and Workforce Time (WFT)

  • How do students and employers troubleshoot technical issues on Handshake?

    Handshake works best via the Google Chrome browser, so technical issues may arise due to using other browsers. If your technical issues persist on Google Chrome, attempt clearing your cache.

    For time-sensitive issues, email campusemployment@wesleyan.edu with a description of the technical issues and attach screenshots of the Handshake error message, if applicable. The Campus Employment team will attempt to troubleshoot the issue as expediently as possible.

    Visit the Handshake Help Center and select “Contact Support” for further assistance.

  • How can students and employers troubleshoot Handshake login difficulties?

    Please note that – if you change your Wesleyan Single Sign-on (SSO) credentials, it does not automatically update to Handshake. For that reason, we recommend that you go straight to the Handshake login page, rather than using your Wesleyan SSO. Find instructions to reset your Handshake password below:

    Reset Password for Student Account
    Reset Password for Employer Account

  • How do students and employers troubleshoot error messages on Workforce Time?

    If the error message pertains to working over 20 hours/week during the academic year, reach out to campusemployment@wesleyan.edu. For all other issues on Workforce Time, email the Payroll Office at payrollhelp@wesleyan.edu.

Last Updated 12/08/2023