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  • How many campus jobs are there? How many students work on-campus?

    There are almost 2,500 positions on campus and with local community-based organizations. About 50% of students work on campus at some point during the academic year.

  • What is the campus employment timeline like, at a glance?

    Campus jobs are posted based on the hiring manager’s needs, so the timeline, the roles themselves, and how many students need to be hired vary from year to year.  The Gordon Career Center is open year-round and our team is available to meet with you for one-on-one advising regarding your job search, resume, Handshake, or any other aspects of your campus employment. Below find the general, expected job posting and hiring timeline.

    Fall Semester:

    • The highest volume of jobs will be posted from the end of August until the end of September, for Fall or year-long jobs. Check Handshake regularly at these times.
    • The Campus Employment Fair is held annually during the Fall semester’s Wesleyan Week of Welcome (WesWOW). Discover this event and more career-related events hosted on campus via the Handshake Events page.
    • Opportunities continue to be posted throughout October and beyond but at a lower volume.
    • Some opportunities for winter break work will be posted towards the end of the Fall semester.

    Spring Semester:

    • Some job opportunities for the Spring may begin to be posted during Winter break.
    • Typically, more jobs for the Spring are posted at the end of January and beginning of February.
    • Summer campus jobs may be posted from March through early May.
    • Jobs for the next academic year may be posted at the end of the Spring semester.
  • About half of all campus jobs require a resume. What is the resume approval process like?

    If you have never uploaded a resume to Handshake before, you will have to schedule a resume review appointment with a career advisor before you can apply to jobs that require a resume. You do not need to draft your resume before this appointment, but it can be helpful to do so, in order to receive more specific feedback.

    If you are applying for a position on Handshake, check out our resume writing resources and schedule a resume review appointment as soon as possible prior to uploading your first document and before any application deadline.

    If you apply for a position with a pending resume and your resume is not approved before the application deadline, your application will be withdrawn by the system once the deadline has passed – be sure to check the status of your document in advance.

    We aim to review pending resumes on Handshake within two business days of upload. Do not wait until an application deadline to start the resume approval process. For more information, see the Gordon Career Center’s Resumes & Cover Letters page.

  • How can a student better their chances during their job search process?

    Sharpen your application materials and interviewing prowess using the Gordon Career Center’s Resume Resources, Resume & Cover Letters, and Interview Preparation webpages. Additionally, transfer your resume details to your Handshake Profile using the instructions linked here. For jobs that do not require a resume or other materials, the only way the employer can assess your abilities is using your Handshake Profile. If you have left your Handshake Profile blank, it will hurt your chances of landing that position.

    Applying to multiple jobs simultaneously will increase your chances of landing a job. (Note: Employers cannot see which jobs you have applied to, nor see the jobs you have been hired for.) Do not concentrate all your efforts on one position. Some students have found it useful to network with on-campus employers and ask about open positions in person.

    The Campus Employment Fair, held annually during the Fall semester’s Wesleyan Week of Welcome (WesWOW), is a great opportunity to explore multiple opportunities and meet with on-campus employers. Discover this event and more career-related events hosted on campus via the Handshake Events page.

    If you need support during the job search process, book an advising appointment using Handshake or email

  • What can a student do if they do NOT get a campus job? What co-curricular activities can improve the student’s chances?

    If you did not land a campus job this semester, but would like one in the future, there is plenty you can do in the meantime to better your chances and build your skills for the next time around. In addition to our above tips for the job search, consider investing your time in the following activities that can strengthen your resume and career aptitudes:

    • LinkedIn Learning (Free access via WesPortal) – Video courses taught by industry experts, in the following categories: business, creative, technology, and certifications.
    • Forage (Free access via the GCC) – Virtual work experience programs designed by leading companies.
      • Develop your skills and gain a real understanding of different roles and sectors by working through these self-paced modules, with tasks similar to those you would undertake during a traditional internship.
      • All programs are self-paced (taking between 5 to 6 hours to complete) ensuring that you can fit your participation flexibly around other commitments.
    • Student Group Involvement – Participation or leadership in a student group, club, or team demonstrates skills and aptitudes that can be included in a resume, such as time management, event planning, fundraising, community-building, perseverance, etc.
      • Find active student groups and events via WesPortal > Search “WesNest”.
      • While there may be student groups that are more relevant for specific campus jobs you desire, participation or leadership in any student organization demonstrates transferable skills that are applicable to all campus jobs.
  • How rigid are job descriptions? What should a student do if they are confused by a job posting’s requirements?

    Most campus jobs have some flexibility when it comes to things like scheduling, skills, major preferences, etc. For example, if a job posting says “5 hours per week”, and you would like to work 8 hours per week, there may be a chance that the employer can allow this.

    Do not let a minor detail deter you from applying for a job you are otherwise interested in and qualified for! Either email the Contact person or Primary Supervisor listed on the job posting for clarification, or email and we can confidentially inquire about the flexibility of those requirements on your behalf.

  • What restrictions apply to hiring and types of student employment?

    As part of federal work-study guidelines:

    • The employer cannot solicit, accept, or permit soliciting any fee, commission, contribution, or gift from the student employee as a condition of employment.
    • The campus job cannot involve constructing, operating, or maintaining any part of a building used for religious worship.
    • Maintenance jobs are not allowed, nor are any positions that benefit the University more than students’ professional development.
    • The campus job must not displace professional employees or impair existing service contracts, including those on strike.

  • What restrictions apply to campus employment that offers course credit for the student employee?

    For campus jobs that offer course credit, the student employee’s rate of pay should be the same as it would be if academic credit were not received. Academic credit is not justification for lower pay or no pay.

    The student employee may not be paid for academic instruction in a classroom, lab, or other setting that replaces the professor’s instruction. Tutoring and supplemental instruction are allowed.

  • What should a student do if an application deadline is coming up and their resume has not yet been approved?

    If you apply for a position with a pending resume and your resume is not approved before the application deadline, your application will be withdrawn by the system once the deadline has passed – be sure to check the status of your document in advance.

    Book a resume advising appointment ASAP. If you unexpectedly need a quick turnaround time for your resume approval, email us immediately at, or email the GCC at There is no guarantee that we may be able to accommodate your request, but communicating with us betters your chances.

  • What should a student do if they have not heard back from an on-campus employer about a job they applied for?

    If the employer does not reach out to you after one week from the application deadline, you can either email the Contact person listed on the job posting or email us ( and we can confidentially inquire about their hiring decisions.

    Because the hiring timelines of each campus employer vary, we also recommend you apply to multiple jobs at once to better your chances of getting hired at the time that you prefer.

  • What should a student do if their campus job responsibilities are different from what was advertised on the Handshake job posting?

    Employers are required to include accurate descriptions of the job responsibilities and expectations in each posting. It is your right to understand what a campus job entails, at the time of application.

    If there is a significant difference between what was advertised and the actual work that you are experiencing, reach out to so that we can mediate these challenges. Examples of inappropriate differences between the job posting and actual job duties include: doing manual labor like cleaning, when no manual labor was advertised; inappropriate scheduling demands; or, supervising other student employees when no managerial responsibilities were advertised.

    If the job description included a general phrase like “Additional projects as assigned”, be sure to communicate with your supervisor about what these projects could entail.

    If you are unsure whether the actual job responsibilities are significantly different from what was advertised, it’s okay to reach out to to discuss your experiences.

  • Can students hold multiple positions at a time?

    There are no restrictions on how many positions a student can hold at a time. However, students cannot work more than a maximum total of 20 hours per week across all hourly positions during the academic year. Students may wish to hold multiple jobs in order to work more hours, increase their earning potential, or explore various career interests. The Campus Employment team recommends that students work no more than 2 positions at a time in order to balance their academic responsibilities appropriately.

  • Will having a campus job affect a student’s ability to balance their academic work and other responsibilities?

    You are a student, first. It is important to reflect on your total responsibilities to determine how much time you could realistically dedicate to on-campus employment during the school year, while still leaving time for studying, co-curricular activities, and relaxation.

    While some campus jobs have slower periods that provide students with downtime to complete homework assignments, students should not expect their campus jobs to be free time. Job responsibilities will be outlined in the Handshake job posting at the time of application.

    Many first-year students choose not to pursue campus jobs until their Spring semester, in order to transition into their college experience more smoothly. Some students choose only to work temporary gigs during New Student Orientation week or Reunion & Commencement. Some students choose not to work at all during the school year, and instead dedicate themselves to other valuable career-learning experiences, like student group leadership or volunteer work.

    Whatever you decide, the Campus Employment team is here to support you!

  • If a student receives an email about an employment opportunity, how do they determine if it is legit?

    All legitimate on-campus jobs will be posted on Handshake. If you receive a direct email about an employment offer, it may be a phishing scam. In the event you come across a fraudulent employer or posting, we encourage you to contact Additionally, forward the phishing email to immediately so that we may take appropriate action.

  • Do students have to keep the same campus job for the duration of their time at Wesleyan?

    There is no obligation to stay in the same campus job. It is normal for students’ employment needs and interests to change as they progress through their time at Wesleyan. We encourage you to explore and pursue other roles to broaden your experience.

    While many roles offer continued employment into the next academic year, there are also many roles that operate on a semesterly or year-long basis.

    It’s important to communicate your departure with your employer with adequate notice! You will likely need your current employers to recommend you to future employers, so make sure to depart your campus jobs professionally. If you would like to leave your role earlier than planned for a new opportunity, we will happily offer guidance on how to communicate that in the best way.

  • How does citizenship affect campus employment?

    Students of all backgrounds and statuses are welcome to explore on-campus work opportunities. Please be advised that it’s important not to disclose personal information related to your citizenship status in written communications.

    To learn more about on-campus employment for international students, visit the Office of International Student Affairs webpage. Feel free to reach out via email ( for additional information.

Last Updated 12/08/2023