Off-Campus Work

  • Are all campus jobs located on campus?

    Not all campus jobs are located on campus! The Campus Employment team partners with local employers in Middletown such as the Kidcity Museum and the Neighborhood Preschool. As part of our “on-campus” opportunities, these local employers participate in the federal work-study program and understand that student employees’ academic responsibilities come first. Students not receiving federal work-study, including international students, cannot be employed by local employers.

  • Can students find part-time work off-campus during the school year? Do off-campus jobs accept work-study?

    Students with U.S. citizenship have the option to work off-campus jobs.

    Off-campus jobs do not qualify for institutional work-study, and may not qualify for the federal work-study program. Off-campus employers that participate in the federal work-study program are typically private nonprofit organizations or public agencies. It is up to the student’s discretion to determine if an off-campus job that does not accept federal work-study is right for them.

    Students working off-campus may still request one-on-one support and guidance from the Campus Employment team but we cannot mediate conflicts with off-campus employers.

  • Does the Campus Employment team advertise babysitting positions or other private, domestic services?

    The Campus Employment team does not endorse or post babysitting jobs or other positions where a student will work out of someone else’s home. Students may independently pursue these positions, but they will not be considered on-campus employment even if the employer is a Wesleyan faculty or staff member. Students may find informal positions like this via independent networking or on Wesleyan’s Community Forum listserv.

Last Updated 12/08/2023