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At the Gordon Career Center, we envision a future where every Wesleyan student is equipped with the necessary career education, professional network, and practical experience to navigate a lifetime of fulfilling and meaningful work.

Are you with us?

In the coming decades, college graduates are projected to face turbulent job markets due to technological change; threats to public health, the environment, and our democracy; and a fractured social contract between employers and employees.

Career education is more than teaching a student to write a resume: it is about ensuring that they can navigate the ambiguity of the modern job market, understand and explain what they bring to the table, and build the professional relationships they need to switch jobs and careers.

You can help by supporting these programs:

wesleyan summer grant

The Wesleyan Summer Grants program provides funding to alleviate costs associated with pursuing career-related summer experiences and is made possible by the generosity of donors.

career development grant

The Career Development Grant allows students on need-based aid to request up to $500 over their time at Wesleyan for career-related expenses, such as professional attire or travel to a conference.

career treks

Our career trek program takes students to alumni at their places of work. We hope to expand and grow this program without passing on any costs to students.

career events

The Gordon Career Center hosts over 200 events per year, often co-sponsored with campus partners who seek to demonstrate the value of a liberal arts education in today’s rapidly changing world. Help us continue programs like Humanities in Action, the Career Carnival, and “Ask Me Anything” talks with alumni.